from R99 per hour

for editing and writing of adverts, articles, blogs, speeches, scripts, business reports, etc.

Go up, go light

Frank Bone Industries is primarily a removal service. The human resource is ‘the janitor of the writing profession’ — a copy cleaner. The feather is a duster. The wording is polished.

The janitor bills per his station: he is a seasoned pro but a fresh starter. A writer reset. Hence the low rate (in lieu of references).

Fair enough?

His portfolio (in respect of the Dalia client)

 A CV detailing 17 years in and around South African ad agencies sends on request.

Writing is as economical as his expertise allows, editing time permitting and per tonal requirements.

Your benefits then list as:

      – time
      – space
      – speed
      – effect

Fewer words save reading time, create space on your page, speed your message and have the bigger effect.

The English language is his native area, in which he is not limited nor bound by principles, rules, nor even morals. Despite the ‘brevity mandate,’ he easily extends word-counts for clients invested in the longer read, while maintaining a tight style. To be brief, the detail is in the dialogue.

Who’d write for you shortly is most light to meet you…

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