Frank Bone Industries

4 for the price of 1

I’ve spent some years away from the coalface. During my sabbatical I discovered Transactional Analysis. To my understanding, “TA” is a communication science

— and is consistent with my own experience.

I’m an enthusiast, not an authority. My understanding of TA remains superficial. I don’t inform on it, I use it for my own purposes.

The Parent, Adult and Child – the classic ‘ego states’ that make up the human psyche – allow me to present as a collective without incurring pathological inferences. These personas are clinically vetted, commonplace, and ostensibly real. Neither mental disorder nor disingenuity need be inferred.


I use my own ego states to staff my communications firm. Speaking as Frank Bone Industries, ‘we’ offer:

  • editing
  • writing
  • invention

The Parent/censor is, naturally, the editor. The Child/ the creator has the ideas. The Adult is the present voice, the writer,  the rational persona and the balance of the other two.

Frank Bone Industries

A PAC model

We three represent the actual resource, who is marketed as a null value, and is therefore moot. We then speak on his behalf.

The Writer's Anarchical Front

… is an alternate name, another self marketing tool, that implies a particular attitude.

It is essentially a mask. I’m not a ‘frontman.’ I don’t speak or present well. The ‘Front’ allows for the following effect. 

It’s all for effect. Once contracted, the effects disappear and I conduct straight-faced as an ordinary copywriter. 

Thank you.

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