The Brass Concept

The Effect: The Writer’s Anarchical Front: an organisation bent on disruption.

The Fact: a copywriting/editing service

The Target: who profits from text?

The Promise: exponential ROI premised on chaos theory

The small beginning, the greater end

Start with us, see what happens

You’re now in effect of our ‘big idea.’ It is too soon to ask you how you feel about it. But that is a recurring question, not always stated, but implied. Because your reaction is your gauge. The value of this idea only ever reflects now, in the immediate present. There are no references to wade through. We may be militant, but we respect your time. 


Our ransom demand

Pay us a ‘brass’ sum by 31 May 2019. This idea is then applied to your own effort, before that time, and after. The sum is negotiated, and negligible. At the level pitched to, ‘brass’ implies pocket change. Yet it is exquisitely valuable, to us and you, as becomes apparent in time.

Your instructions

Engage and transact. Having a suitable brief, give it over, and we will execute it per the idea. Or, we make proposals.


The brass concept is not a set of thoughts, it’s a bunch of molecules. It leverages a condition before a notion, is as creative as it appears to be. (Here, value is in the eye of the beholder.) 

Figuratively speaking, the brass concept is a dog in a corner. As that dog’s handlers, we offer you its lead, a lead best not given to your competitor. 

— The dog is a pitbull.


May we say, in spite of our brevity mandate, you’d be brave to take this lead, and crazy not to. We ourselves are in awe of the brass concept, progressively dumbfounded in the  light of its unfoldment. It appears limitless. The audacity to conceive this, the sacrifices made, and the balls it took to bring it home

— we shake our heads in disbelief.

The brass concept

Our writer is not someone with an idea. He is the idea. The Writer’s Anarchical Front is a preceding effect: we are heralds for a king, trumpeters that signal his coming, who bow before him and gape as he passes… so majestic and giant is he.

— Bla bla

The point, friends: a man is no one, a null value, transparent and void. Typically then, he can be anything. The dog, the king…

For reference

Difference being, you can be anything. All effects deriving from this concept are transferable. To explain, we ask yet again, that you pause to consider, how does this sound?

The same quality will be heard by your buyer, in respect of your copy. Being moved to engage with us, your buyer will be moved to engage with you.

Premised on a longer argument, on the fact that, for us, copy is arbitrary – what is said succeeds on how it is said. In this view, attitude is paramount.

The zero state

 A popular concept, a rare place to be. As for his road to zero, the writer doesn’t presume on your time or interest. We do however allude to his processes, to the copious amounts of data that accrued along the way: marketing rhetoric, ideas… seeing value in all that, it is yours. We sooner market his reductive intention, his editing expertise. But as you like. At zero, only possibilities exist. As zero was hit, so the light came on: the writer attained a limitless view and a doubtless attitude. If you or your organisation would sound doubtless, to us you come.

Bla bla

Being in a new state, there is SO much to say. This site serves, but not as well as conversation. Also, it tells our story. We’d get straight to yours.

All it takes is brass.

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