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For personal reasons the writer’s past is scrubbed. He bills, then, as a newcomer, while retaining 17 years experience in advertising. Thus value derives for the client. If not sold on this idea, conventional reference presents directly after.

To the dollar client: our corresponding rate is $12 per hour. Still light we hope.

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Virtual travel blogging (Ghostwriting)

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These sites may have updated since. We appreciate your need to vet your contractor, but truthfully, we’d sooner charge the beginner rate and rely on your intuition.

The old writer is dead, per our upcoming Halloween promo… and our generic ghostwriting promo.


Debut sci-fi novel. Available in hard or soft copy. 



In the gifting space our experience is in corporate desk drops and greeting cards. This to an aviation enthusiast.

Award-winning South African Short Story

The Jump


Since Grade 1, me and Shawnie were best buds. We’d play at each other’s houses and sleep over and stuff. It was a jol. When we were like 12, we’d go off to the Magaliesberg and hang out there. Me and Shawnie, and Shawnie’s brother, and his buds, and their chicks, would all pile into Shawnie’s brother’s dad’s bakkie and spend Sundays walking in the gorges and arbing by the rock pools. They smoked zol. Not me and Shawnie though. His brother wouldn’t let us. But that’s where we started cigarettes. Stuyvies blue.


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